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Buy Land in Florida, Make Money

***Flexible Payment Options: How about 1st, last & deposit, you move in with a lease to own option. Save money on rent while you save up for a downpayment on your new home.***

Use your rent as a downpayment - its like FREE MONEY! Let's say you are looking at a nice Mobile with land for around $60, 000. You put maybe $1500-$2000 down (1st, last & deposit), and you move in. Now ~25 % of the monthly rent you pay goes toward the downpayment for the place. And once you have the downpayment requirements met, then you switch to being a homeowner instead of a tenant. Your monthly bill is now for the mortgage and taxes, no more wasting money paying rent.

TIP: A lot of people don't realize this but its much easier to pay off your mortgage than you think. And once its paid off, think of all the extra money you will have.

So how do you do it in 30 seconds or less? Live Below your means. Don't live within your means, live below your means. It's short term pain for long term gain. A friend of mine paid of his house in 10 years using this approach. Same friend also has someone living there paying rent, it more than covers the taxes.

Get yourself out of the rent cycle today! Not sure how? Contact Us, lets put our heads together and see what can be accomplished. You owe it to yourself and your family to see just how easy it is to get out of the rent rut and become a proud homeowner while reducing your monthly costs.

With the recent changes in the economy it makes more sense than ever to invest in Florida Property.

You see Florida has a lot of money. Its economy rebounds because of the impressive wealth that has been invested over the years.

And now you too can get into Florida Investments. You can make retirement money while basking in the sun. Our clients are in the position to liquidate many lucrative Florida holdings. You will be provided access to competitive pricing on lots in Northern Florida.

We also offer commercial buildings. Do you need a bar or a hotel? We have a couple of sweet commercial properties that might just fit the bill.

Want to advertise with Us? We provide super competitive pricing along with free marketing support.


This website has just started and is now up with basic information on land offerings and how to get a hold of us. Expect more detail to be added to the pages in the days ahead including lots sizes and google map links so you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision.



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